Most of these projects related to user management and dealing with Single Sign On.  The pages here contain documentation on using the code and are a bit more comprehensive than the GitHub readme files.

All of the code for these projects can be found on my GitHub account.

CAS/LDAP WordPress Plugin

This plugin allows you to link your WordPress site into a Single Sign On architecture when using the Central Authentication Service.  I’ve used it up to version 3.5 of CAS and 4.1 of WordPress.

CAS/ActiveDirectory WordPress Plugin

Although Active Directory is essentially an LDAP (which allows you to use the above plugin with Active Directory just fine), this plugin has some specific lines of code to limit access to the site based on Active Directory Security Groups.  This allows the site owner to determine who gets access and who should be blocked from entering the site.  This was built specifically to interact well with our user management interface which allows any administrator to assign or deny any individual user to an AD Security Group:


If the WordPress plugin is set up properly, a user will be instantly blocked from further access to the site.  However, if the block is removed, the user will instantly have access again.

Active Directory PHP Package

This package is built with PSR-0 autoloading in mind so that you can install it in the vendor folder of your favorite framework and begin calling the classes.  The package provides create, modify, remove, and search methods for both the User object and the Group object.  More details here.

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