Whenever you need additional work on your blog, your website, or your business automation, get in touch with me through the comments on this page.


Custom Sites & Code

Your idea is unique. Your site is unique.  Get a site or custom code as unique as you are.  Whether you just need a basic, static, marketing site, or a site that pulls out all the stops to bring your idea to life, I can help you accomplish your goals.

Basic Sites
Basic sites have a quick turnaround, as they take your existing marketing and put it on the web for you, so that your customers have a means of looking up your own services.  Standard flat rates apply.

Completely Custom
Get custom code, built to match your business processes or ideas, or custom sites that match your unique idea.  I can provide you with custom JavaScript (AngularJS, JQuery & standard JavaScript), PHP, Python, or Database Programming.  No project is too small, and no project too big.  I’ve developed everything from Identity Management tools that integrate 5 or more completely different systems to E-Commerce solutions that handle donations, subscriptions, and purchases.  All projects are built around an initial estimate, and billed hourly.

Data Design & Server Automation
If you already have a site you love, but need help with designing data structures or moving data around from server to server, tool to tool, or business to business, I can help you with this.  My experience with both Oracle and MySQL (MariaDB) and data normalization will put you on the right track for automating your systems.

Business Process Discovery & Work Flow Streamlining
Sometimes you don’t need a coder, just someone who understands business processes and streamlining the work flow for your employees.  This discovery is part of any custom coded project or site.


WordPress powers roughly 25% of the web.  It is a powerful and customizable tool that allows you to manage the content on your site as you see fit.  Sometimes you might need some help getting it installed, or installing new plug-ins.  Perhaps you want custom tools built for an existing site.  Whatever your need, if it has to be WordPress, I can help.

WordPress Services:

  • Installation
  • Custom Plug-ins
  • Custom Integrations
  • Modifications to existing themes
  • E-Commerce integration

Long Term Consulting

If you need someone for more than just a small project, know that I am available for long term contracts, or even at weekly or monthly rates.  Contact me for more information using the comments tool below (comments will not show, as they need to be approved first).

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