My current position involves a lot of AngularJS, and Cordova. I’ll post an update when the applications are available on Google Play and the App Store.

Previously, I worked at Fuller Theological Seminary, where I spent most of my working hours writing code to make all of their systems interact with one another, and with MySQL and Oracle 11g databases.  Most of those daily integration tasks utilized my skills in PHP, Python, SQL & PL/SQL; however, their systems are very diverse, and on the rare occasion I found myself coding in Groovy/Grails.  In addition to the daily integration tasks, I also supported their Distributed Learning team with their Moodle installation, providing custom coding & bug fixes in PHP, and general troubleshooting, including the PostgreSQL database that powers the whole thing.

While my first love is for web application development, my position forces me to utilize multiple technologies and languages.  To date, I would rate myself as proficient at SQL (in its various flavors), MySQL administration, PHP, Python, XML and JavaScript/JQuery/AngularJS; and familiar with Java, Groovy/Grails.

As of April 4, 2014, I am also a Zend Certified PHP Engineer (covering PHP 5.5).

Zend Certified PHP Engineer

Outside of work

When not at work, I enjoy bicycling, and especially building bikes.  My goal is to eventually build my own frames and develop the necessary painting skills to give a bike a real gleam and unique look.  You can see a few of my past builds on these pages.

I’m also a fan of motorcycles, which is the lazy man’s version of the bicycle, and no longer own a car.  I try to plan as many trips as I can manage, just because life is too short to not see the world.

Also, while I do get a lot of computer time while at work, I also still like to build some things just for fun.  One of my extracurricular activities includes the Online Book of Common Prayer, which aims to provide a simple interface for doing the Daily Offices.  In future plans are flashcard programs for both Biblical Greek and Latin.

Contact Me

Contact me on any of the following sites:

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13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for the great work! Really helpful for reading the Daily Office. One comment – it would be useful to have a link to Other BCP Content (i.e. the prayers) after the Collect and the Prayer for Mission (where it says other intercessions, etc.).

  2. Michael, Good to catch up with you. Have used the BCP website on and off for a long time without know you were behind it. Love the site and the way you set it up.

  3. I stumbled across your site while I was searing for Ecclus 39:1-8 which is the first lesson in Morning Prayer for today (June 11 – Ember Wednesday). Thank you for your work. If you ever need another project you could do the offices from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer which many people still use.

  4. We were so excited to find your BCP online. We are new to Anglicanism and your site has enabled us to consistently incorporate the prayers and readings into our day. (looking forward to the Greek flashcards) 🙂

    Numbers 6:24-26

  5. Hi, Michael – I enjoyed reading about your work and your plan to build bikes and and find cool paint for them. I hope you can continue to develop that interest. It is good to create away from the computer screen sometimes:)

    Thanks again for the BCP site. It is such a gift and blessing to so many.

  6. Thank you so much for the BCP page. I searched long and hard for a decent electronic version of the BCP that would give me the prayers and readings for each day, without having to juggle two or three books, and scratch my head trying to figure out where we are in the lectionary. Your page is the best that I have found so far.

    1. Todd, glad to hear you are using the site! And glad to see that you’re at Fuller Seminary.

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