I couldn’t really find an exam prep tool for the MySQL 5.6 Developer Exam, so I decided to create my own.  I figured if I had something online, then I could study anywhere, without lugging around a book, or too much paper.

Hopefully, other people will find this useful as well.

The list below, comes directly from the Oracle site.  I will link to each of the sections as I complete them.

MySQL Exam Topics

  • MySQL Architecture
    > Use MySQL client programs to interface with the MySQL Server interactively and in batch
    > Describe SQL Modes and their impact on behavior of MySQL
    > Identify characteristics which have session scope
  • General MySQL Syntax
    > Explain MySQL implementation of identifiers including case sensitivity, qualified names, aliases and use of reserved words
    > Identify MySQL data type properties and appropriate usage
    > Recognize and use common functions and expressions for all MySQL data types
    > Identify and use comment syntax
    > Describe and utilize prepared statements
    > Describe transactions and transaction isolation levels and the impact they have on database behavior
  • Creation and Design of MySQL Schema Objects
    > Design and create normalized databases
    > Create and modify tables using appropriate data types and indexing
    > Describe and create table constraints enforcing data integrity
    > Creating and modifying views
    > Identify and use various methods to obtain metadata for MySQL database objects
  • Creation, Design and Use of MySQL Stored Programs
    > Describe and use triggers
    > Create and execute stored procedures
    > Create and use stored functions
    > Implement error handling within stored procedures
  • Querying for Data
    > Execute a basic SELECT statement
    > Limit rows returned by a SELECT statement
    > Limit columns returned by a SELECT statement
    > Apply sorting to SELECT statement results
    > Execute SELECT statements which aggregate and group data
  • Modifying Data
    > Describe and execute INSERT statements
    > Describe and execute REPLACE statements
    > Describe and execute UPDATE statements
    > Describe and execute TRUNCATE statements
    > Describe and execute LOAD DATA statements
    > Describe and execute DELETE statements
  • Joins, subqueries and UNION
    > Identify, describe and use JOINs in MySQL commands
    > Describe and utilize subqueries in MySQL commands
    > Perform operations using UNION clause
  • MySQL Application Development
    > Identify key characteristics, features and options for PHP, Java and .NET development using MySQL standard drivers
    > Write a basic Java application that uses MySQL
    > Write a basic PHP application that uses MySQL
    > Write a basic .NET application that uses MySQL
    > Interpret MySQL error messages
    > Collect available diagnostic information
    > Describe and use NoSQL and memcached API
  • Basic Optimizations
    > Identify statements requiring optimization
    > Recognize and create optimal indexes for query optimization
    > Recognize and fix sub-optimal SQL commands
    > Identify appropriate optimization strategies for InnoDB usage
    > Optimize performance through data normalization

Most everything in these pages will be a summary of ideas that come from a combination of Paul Dubois’ MySQL 5.0 Certification Study Guide, the online documentation, and the MySQL Cookbook.

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  1. Hi Michael,
    thanks for this site it is great. May I know are you going to work on the rest of the objectives?

    Best Regards,

    1. Yes, I hope to get around to it again soon. This site has languished a bit over the past year and a half.

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