This bike was the latest addition to my ever growing collection of bikes.  It started out with the purchase of a leather-esque seat that was on clearance sale.  Once I had that bike, I realized that I wanted something a bit more classic looking.  Because I had two bikes already (one for the weekends, and one for the commute), I took my time purchasing parts for this one.  Thankfully, because it’s a single speed, it’s cheaper, and much easier to put together.  I did this one over the Christmas break while visiting family in Arizona.

This is less of an entry about what I did, and more just a collection of pictures.  I will mention, however, that I used an enamel paint that specifically said not to use a primer.  The paint dries hard, and is quite protective, though I did also put a clear coat finish over the whole thing, as a good solid ding will scratch the paint.

1 - unpainted red frame 2- painted 3 - happy with the spray paint 4-fork on ready to cut 5-Finished Bike

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