This was my first attempt at a bike build.  I learned a lot from this and subsequent builds.  The first thing is that it is much, much easier to get everything working right when you buy the right equipment and components.  Spend the extra money, get the good components.

This is less an entry about what I did than a collection of pictures chronicling the process.  I purchased the majority of parts from Performance Bike, and had them do the fork and headset install.  I started this project in March of 2012, and completed it in June of 2012, as purchasing the parts took a bit of time.

The Frame

554746_10150689914153548_221418991_n  The Fork

401572_10150861342028548_1018480116_n 389197_10150861348513548_75075159_n

The Wheels and etc.

306127_10150684229478548_2050369112_n  Handlebars, seat, etc.

181359_10150901716838548_427849444_n  The complete bike

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